If you want to win while playing Go Fish, you have to come up with game strategies to come out as the best among the other players.

Game strategies to help you win in Go Fish

Go Fish is a type of card game that starts with 5 cards per player. You will then ask another player for a rank of card that will help you complete four of a kind (e.g. 5 of diamonds, 5 of spades, 5 of hearts, 5 of clubs). If the player has the card that you asked for, he or she will be forced to give it to you. If they do not have the card, you will be asked to “Go Fish” from the cards scattered like the “ocean” in the middle. In case you get the card that you need, you can take another turn. Otherwise, the player to your left will take their turn. If another player asks you for a card and you have it, you will be forced to give up the requested card.

The objective of the game is to complete as many sets of card ranks as possible. When you complete four kinds of a card rank, you can remove the four from your cards and put it aside. That equates to one point.

To win the game, you need to get as many points as possible. That means completing as many sets of card ranks as you can. So what are the game strategies that you can implement?

Two strategies to win in a game of Go Fish

There are two things that you need to have to win the game.

The first is a good memory. You need to try and remember what card ranks the other players are asking for. Let us say that you have a card rank 3 in your hand. One of the players asked another for the same. That means they have one or more card rank of 3 in their hands. Keep in mind all of these so that when you get your turn, you will ask that player for that specific card rank. You are sure to get that card. Now if you remember the players they asked from, you should avoid asking them again. Go for the players that were not asked. This will increase the chances that you will complete the four kinds of that card rank in that turn.

The other thing that you need to have is a sense of timing. If you notice that one person kept on asking for a rank and the other players do not have the card, do not be too quick to get the card they are asking for. What they are looking for might not be with any of the players and in could still be in the card pile. You might want to wait it out before you ask them for that card rank.

Combine these two game strategies to help you win in any game of Go Fish. Admittedly, things will get harder the more players there are included in the game. You might have to give these strategies a boost when you start playing.