Are you interested in playing a casino slot game with a “go fishing” theme? Do you think it will be as relaxing as the real fishing expeditions that you usually take with your father?

Maybe, maybe not.

One thing is for sure, an online video slot machine game promises hours of fun and excitement. Not only that, it offers a chance to win you some real money. There are several slot games that you can choose from. Game developers have been very creative when it comes to the themes they use. Even the very peaceful and tranquil sport of fishing is used!

Casino slot games with go fishing themes

We have compiled three online slot games that have a fishing theme. See which ones are entertaining enough for you to try.

Bearly Fishing

This is a highly entertaining video slot game created by Microgaming. It is actually quite humorous with the teddy-bear-goes-fishing kind of theme. The casino slot game has five reels and a 25 pay line game. While playing, you will be taken on an animated adventure that will also give you the chance to take home some big prizes. You can actually win the top jackpot of 6,000 coins. Since it is from Microgaming, you can expect visual elements that are not only realistic but also very appealing.

Alaskan Fishing

This is another game from Microgaming with a “go fishing” theme. This game will help you experience the Alaskan tundra where you are fish – or at least, line up the fish to help you win the slot game! This online slot game has 5 reels and up to 243 pay-lines. The game even has a background music that will take you back in the days when you went out to fish with your father – or friends. Although the graphics are not as spectacular as the other casino slot machines that you will find online, it is a pretty straightforward game that will give you hours of fun. It will also give you the chance to win more than a million coins – if you are lucky.

Let’s Go Fish’n

This is a casino slot game by Aristocrat. It follows the story of a very happy sea fisherman with a life jacket and a fisherman’s hat. The fisherman is joined by a very happy worm – who probably has no idea it will be fed to the fish as bait. The game also features a seagull and some fishing equipment that completes the “go fishing” theme. It is set on a peaceful day at sea. This is another one of the slot games that are straightforward but the colorful graphics are visually appealing. You don’t really get a lot out of it – until you reach the bonus game. But even if it is not as exciting, you can get the chance to win real money.

There are other casino slot game options on the Internet – not just those with a fishing theme. You can visit your favourite online casino to check what they have to offer. All of these slot machines will give you a chance to win big prizes – or will simply give you hours of entertainment.