If you are looking for an alternative to the card game Go Fish, you can look up Literature as one of your options. This is the Canadian version of the game that has a somewhat, more complicated gameplay compared to Go Fish.

How is Literature played?

The popular game is also called the Canadian Fish. This game involves 4 – 12 players. Usually, only 6 – 8 players join in a game. The game requires two teams so it is important that the number of players is even in number. They players are then seated alternately – depending on their team. That means no player is seated beside a teammate. For instance, player of team A is seated beside player 1 of team B who is then seated beside player 2 of team A, and so on.

Unlike Go Fish that plays with the complete pack of 52 cards, Literature only plays with 48. That means one set of a card value will be removed. Usually, it is the 2’s or 8’s. Then, the cards are divided into the ‘low’ half-suits and the ‘high’ half-suits. If the 2’s are removed, the ‘low’ half-suit would include the values of 3 to 8. If the 8’s are removed, the ‘low’ half-suit includes the card values of 2 to 7. The ‘high’ half-suit will always be between 9 to Ace.

The aim of the game is to complete a half-suit. This can be done by requesting from the players of the other Team. When making the request, the player is not allowed to request a card that they already have. It should only be a card that they partly have.

If the player has the card, then it should be handed over to the requester. If not, they get to have their turn.

How to win a Literature game

In the game of Literature, a team wins if they complete the most half-suits. There are two ways for this to happen.

The first is on their own. A player that completes a half-suit from the cards in their hand can win for the team.

The second way to win is by combining what the other team members have. However, the player who will dictate the win should accurately state who among the members are holding the specific cards. If they fail to be accurate, then the win will not be considered as such – even if the whole team does have the complete half-suit.

The game will end when all the half-suits are completed.